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Synergy Global Trade is a US-based company specializing in product importation, distribution, and providing comprehensive support to foreign businesses in the North American market.

Our company will select the optimal model for market entry, create a business plan, prepare your products for the market by obtaining all necessary permits and adapting them to the end customer and finally, set up online and offline distribution of goods.

Development of market entry strategies

Wholesale and retail trade services

Comprehensive business support in the U.S.

Our Services

01 Online product sales Preparing, launching, and providing comprehensive support for sales on Amazon US and other marketplaces

Get The Most Out Of Amazon

Amazon is the key marketplace for entrepreneurs around the world. Use it to reach your local market.

The work is divided into two stages:

First, we analyze your product, select a niche, determine the target audience, and formulate a USP with the needs of American buyers. We also register accounts and create professional English-language listings on Amazon US and other marketplaces.

During the second stage, we accompany the delivery of your products to the U. S., store the goods in warehouses, and manage sales by promoting your products and your brand on the U. S. market.

The result:
  • U. S. market entry at minimal cost
  • Marketplace product history creation
  • Foreign currency returns
We provide:
  • professional market research
  • product adaptation for the target audience
  • business strategy development
  • activity logging on Amazon
  • shipping support to the US
  • platform sales management
02 Product distribution Organizing wholesale product distribution in the U.S. and entry into retail chains

Find Wholesale Buyers In The U.S.

It’s easier to enter a new market if you use Synergy Global Trade’ s turnkey B2B sales infrastructure. We will research your product, store your goods in warehouses, negotiate with wholesale buyers and retail chains, conclude contracts, ship goods, accept payments, and transfer the proceeds to your current account in any country in the world.

We provide:
  • product line research
  • competitor proposal analysis
  • price list preparation
  • customer base development
  • negotiations
  • contract and supply management
  • acceptance of payments and withdrawal of funds to customer accounts
03 Import authorizations and regulatory affairs Ensuring product compliance with regulatory market requirements and product certification.

Prepare Your Product For The U.S. Market

U.S. regulatory agencies provide requirement lists for imported products. We will review all potential risks and restrictions related to your product and help you obtain all the necessary certifications and permits.

We provide:
  • Product ingredient analysis
  • Preparation of a U. S. customs list of import requirements
  • Preparation of a list of federal and state regulatory requirements for legal distribution
  • Cost estimation of a voluntary product quality audit at U. S. testing labs
  • Registration of a foreign manufacturing plant with the FDA
  • Collection of certificates and permits for product importation
04 Logistics & storage Customs clearance, storage and logistics of goods in the United States

Store Goods In Synergy Global Trade Warehouses

Our warehouses are located near major ports on the East and West coasts of the United States (New Jersey and California). This is both convenient and profitable for you. We’ll do the customs clearance, arrange for your goods to be picked up and stored, and organize on-demand shipments.

We provide:
  • customs clearance
  • acceptance and inventory of goods
  • product storage
  • goods delivery within the U. S.
05 Business support Registration of legal entities for non-residents, bank account opening, and other legal and accounting services

Get Official Support In The U.S.

American law is extensive and requires immersion. We will help you choose a state with laws that are convenient for your company, draw up incorporation documents, and register a legal entity in the US. Then we will open a bank account, provide your company with legal, tax, and accounting support, prepare accompanying documents, and secure your brand and products with trademarks and patents.

We provide:
  • legal address registration with correspondence processing
  • legal entity registration in the U. S.
  • incorporation document preparation
  • bank account opening (even remotely)
  • payment system integration
  • drafting of contracts and other documents
  • trademark and patent registration
  • accounting support
06 Representative office establishment A full range of services for establishing a representative office in the U.S.

Open A Representative Office In The U.S.

Active company development requires being open to communication. We will open a representative office in the U.S. for your company and guide you through all the operational processes. The result will be a fully functioning office in any city and state in America.

We provide:
  • strategy development for opening a representative office, taking into account aspects such as legal matters and financial and tax matters, among others.
  • legal entity registration
  • incorporation document development
  • help with choosing a bank and opening an account
  • office space research and renting
  • storage facility research
  • personnel recruitment
  • employment contract preparation and execution
  • payroll project connection
  • online banking connection and setup
  • setup of necessary IT services for business
  • visa and immigration support: work visas, green cards, citizenship
  • notary services
  • interpreter services, negotiation support
  • health insurance
  • adjusting to the U. S.
07 Business education Educating international entrepreneurs on the principles of doing business in the U.S.

Train Your Team

Your team will need to be retrained in order to start conducting business overseas. Throughout our 30 years of experience in business education, we have regularly trained companies from Russia and the CIS on the principles of doing business in the U.S. Need customized training to your specifications? We will design a business training program for your company’s employees, invite certified trainers and coaches, current entrepreneurs, and experts.

We provide:
  • training on the principles of doing business in the U. S.
  • organization of business training in the U. S. for corporate clients
  • development of individual educational programs
08 Events Organizing business visits and events of any scale

Conduct Business Events In The U.S.

Since 2015, we’ve hosted more than 500 events around the world, and our events have landed in the Guinness Book of World Records twice. From office workshops to large-scale conferences, we can help you organize and host events in the United States in any format and scale.

We provide:
  • Turnkey events in the U. S. on any scale
  • Recruitment of top speakers
  • Organization of business visits and meetings

Examples of our events:

Why Us?

Rreason 1

We know the market

We are headquartered in Financial District, New York City – the financial epicenter of the world. We have been doing business in North America since 2016 and have a thorough understanding of the local market structure and mechanisms.

Rreason 2

We understand clients

Our company has 30 years of experience doing business in 12 countries around the world. Our international team understand the needs and abilities of entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

Rreason 3

We know your products’ customers

Here at Synergy Global Trade, we are professionals capable of analyzing the market in detail, predicting the expectations of a local target audience, and presenting your goods on the market in a profitable way. After all, we ourselves are American customers.

Rreason 4

We provide a compre­hensive service

Importing isn’t just about finding a market. You’ll avoid the hassle of making business decisions, be it product certification, warehousing services, or accounting support. We provide a full range of services necessary for your company’s entrance into the market. Professional and affordable.

Rreason 5

We represent your interests

As your American representatives, we take care of your important communications (customers, partners, government agencies). This significantly increases the efficiency of your negotiations.

Rreason 6

We get things done

We don’t give you recommendations – we do it all ourselves. This approach saves clients time and helps them profit by promptly entering the market.


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